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Best Local Places To Shop For Back To School

Neighborhoods, Tips September 5, 2017

The sun has started to set earlier, the days have gotten a little less warm, and in Vancouver that means two things: rain and school are just around the corner. Instead of hitting up big box stores this year, consider shopping at Vancouver local stores for some of the things you need to have a make the school year a happy and healthy one for everyone involved – from parents looking for innovative new trends for their kids – to adults’ ready to get back into classrooms for higher learning and professional development!

Do you have kids in elementary school?

For back to school supplies, outfits, and even haircuts check out Granville Island and spend some time at the Kids Market! It’s the perfect place to find books, outfits, and even some supplies that you’ll need for those first days back at school. With over twenty stores and an adventure area, the Granville Island Kids Market doubles as a wonderful place to soak up the last parts of summer with your little ones. And when you’re done exploring there, consider heading over to the Granville Island Market to pick up some unique, healthy, and locally made lunchbox snacks.

If you’re heading to high school and looking for that perfect back to school outfit, you should look no further than Main Street’s boutiques and consignment shops. Front & Company is one of those shops, mixing new and used fashion for some of the perfect combinations. Their plentiful selection means you’re likely to find everything you need to mix and match not only for a first day outfit, but for the entire fall season! Barefoot Contessa is another shop along Main that has a unique selection of dresses perfect for almost any occasion.

Headed to college or University?

It’s really easy to tell school is back in session when the bus rides become crowded, long, and tedious. There is nothing quite like being crammed in like a sardine on your way to school at 6:30am! Consider exercising both your mind and your body this school year by buying a bike at one of Vancouver’s cycling shops. Consider Rad cycles at the corner of Fraser and Broadway. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you out with a new or used bike and everything you’ll need to keep it and you safe for the whole school year.
Those early morning days require lots of tea and coffee to get you through. There isn’t a moment that goes by where a college student doesn’t have a tumbler in their hand! You can grab that tumbler from Welks General Store on Main, as well as a swell bottle so you can hydrate yourself the rest of the day! And for the stuff that goes inside the cup? There are plenty of options! You can make your coffee at home with some locally roasted beans from East Van Roasters or Granville Island Coffee Company. Don’t feel like preparing it yourself? Consider Breka, Prado, or 49th Parallel for your morning brew. And if you are a tea drinker, Silk Road Tea has a variety of delicious offerings and started right here on the island.

Whether you are off to kindergarten or your last year of college, there are so many local options for everything you may need for back to school from that new bicycle to a new haircut. No matter which neighbourhood you are living in, there are plenty of options for local shopping that will get you started on the right foot while supporting the community you reside in!