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Finding the Right Neighbourhood for You

Neighborhoods September 26, 2017

Whether the home you intend to purchase is your first or you have moved many times before, finding a neighbourhood that is right for you and your current circumstances is key to feeling comfortable in your new space. After all, your home is a serious investment, and it is worth it to make sure that […]

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Vancouver Festivals Worth Your Time

Neighborhoods September 18, 2017

Vancouver is such a vibrant city no matter what time of the year. Regardless of the weather,this city knows how to celebrate all the best parts of life. Nowhere is that more evident than with the plentiful festivals that happen year round. We have compiled a list of some of the best Vancouver festivals running […]

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Four Places To Buy Organic Foods In Vancouver’s West Side

Neighborhoods, Tips, West Side September 10, 2017

When living in a new neighbourhood, it is always nice to know where you can get the freshest produce possible. It’s a bonus if that produce is organic as well. An organic product is a product that contains between 95-100% organic material and any product labelled organic in Canada is regulated by the Canadian Food […]

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Best Local Places To Shop For Back To School

Neighborhoods, Tips September 5, 2017

The sun has started to set earlier, the days have gotten a little less warm, and in Vancouver that means two things: rain and school are just around the corner. Instead of hitting up big box stores this year, consider shopping at Vancouver local stores for some of the things you need to have a […]

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The Character & Charm of Dunbar-Southlands

Dunbar, Neighborhoods July 7, 2017

Tree lined residential streets and heritage buildings surround small, independently owned businesses throughout this area of southwestern Vancouver. Single family homes with green space, golf courses, and parks are plentiful within these 25 blocks. Stretching down Dunbar street from West 16th to West 41st, Dunbar encompasses a collection of commercial and residential areas and is […]

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5 Things To Do This Summer In Kitsilano

Kitsilano, Neighborhoods July 6, 2017

Kitsilano. With seventeen parks, plenty of festivals, and close proximity to both downtown and Granville island, the area colloquially known as “Kits” does not lack in options for fun. Kits was Vancouver’s wild child in the 1960s, a beachfront hangout for the free spirited, and despite the changing demographics of the area, it retains some […]

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