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The Character & Charm of Dunbar-Southlands

Dunbar, Neighborhoods July 7, 2017

Tree lined residential streets and heritage buildings surround small, independently owned businesses throughout this area of southwestern Vancouver. Single family homes with green space, golf courses, and parks are plentiful within these 25 blocks. Stretching down Dunbar street from West 16th to West 41st, Dunbar encompasses a collection of commercial and residential areas and is the home territory of the Musqueam people.

Dunbar retains historical charm as an area that has largely been untouched by massive development, and is modern but with incredible history. Early spring brings hundreds of thousands of cherry blossoms to the area, bathing the streets in pink and white petals. Below are some of the more unique qualities specific to the character filled Dunbar-Southlands.

Access to Restaurants, Education, and Services

There are approximately 38 coffee shops & restaurants located within the community. According to Walk Score, you can reach at least two of these shops with a five minute walk from any point in the neighbourhood. Whether you are looking for a wine shop with incredible selection or a unique restaurant for a date night out, you’ll find it along Dunbar. There is also a large variety of services –  dentists, massage therapists, and more – located along the main streets. The shops of this neighborhood are unique and many are independently owned.

Additionally, Dunbar is served by eight elementary schools, two high schools, and is very close to the neighbouring University of British Columbia. The area also features a branch of the Vancouver Public Library and a community centre where many of the neighbourhood residents gather.

Places To Play in Dunbar

Dunbar has good access to city transit and bike lanes. A large number of children live in the neighbourhood, making activities around the holidays incredibly fun and family friendly. Whether it’s holiday sleigh rides by donation or trick-or-treating around Halloween, there is no shortage of specialty themed activities for the whole family to enjoy.

There is lots of green space  in the Dunbar area, with Vasquez, Musqueam, Memorial, and Balaclava Parks nearby. During the summer months members of the community can be found out running, playing ultimate frisbee, having picnics or taking bike rides. Add in the three private golf courses and there is no shortage of places to get outside and enjoy all that Dunbar has to offer.

Four legged friends are welcome too! Balaclava, Musqueam, and Valdez parks all feature off leash zones for dogs.

Historical Charm

Like other neighbourhoods in Vancouver, the Dunbar region has an incredible amount of history. Unlike the others, however, time here seems to have slowed. With an impressive register of heritage buildings from the early 1900, Dunbar brings a historical stuck-in-time feel to the present day, almost as if you are stuck between two worlds. Many of the homes were built before 1920 and remain as those same single family homes to this day.

Dunbar uniquely blends the past and present together in the southwestern corner of Vancouver. Yet it is still easy to get to the places you want to go most with transit and bike lanes connecting residents to the downtown core. It’s modern business centre, commitment to nature, and walkability make it an incredibly attractive neighbourhood.