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Finding the Right Neighbourhood for You

Neighborhoods September 26, 2017

Whether the home you intend to purchase is your first or you have moved many times before, finding a neighbourhood that is right for you and your current circumstances is key to feeling comfortable in your new space.

After all, your home is a serious investment, and it is worth it to make sure that you have found the right neighbourhood for you.

Just like businesses start out by figuring out who their ideal client is, you should sit down and consider your ideal neighbourhood profile. Think about things like:

  • transportation, would you like to be able to walk around and find what you need?
  • Do you have children or are planning a family and need to be close to a neighbourhood school?
  • Are you thinking of a historic location or something with a new city vibe?
  • What kind of property type are you considering?
  • Do you have favourite locations that you want easy access to?

While all the neighbourhoods in Vancouver have their own pros and cons, they are each very different in terms of their personalities and amenities.

For example, Dunbar has an incredible walk score and is close to many recreational facilities, but is a longer commute to downtown. Shaughnessy is almost entirely residential, and Kitsilano is next to the beach and closer to the downtown core.
Once you’ve created your ideal neighbourhood profile we can help you zero in on what areas might be the best options for you. Once you have an idea of where you might live, start your research on schools, parks, tourist attractions, recreational facilities and things like beach access.

  • How many of your ideal neighbourhood criteria does the area fit?
  • Do you have a favourite grocery store you shop at?

Consider if it there is one easily accessible nearby. Of course, it would be difficult to figure out if a neighbourhood is right for you without a visit.
If possible go for a walk around your potential new home and consider how it feels for you.
While amenities are important, finding the right place for you isn’t just about what is there, but how you feel while you’re in the neighbourhood.

Visit the local cafe, chat with the owners, listen to the world around you.

  • What do you hear?
  • Do you prefer the hustle of a main street and feeling like you’re in the busy city?
  • Or the quiet that comes with a tree lined neighbourhood area?

Walk around and notice the space that you are occupying, in what could be your home. It is also recommended to visit at different times of day so that you get an idea what rush hour would be like versus a quiet Sunday morning.
Finally, take a look at options in your budget and let us help you show you your next dream home. Maybe it is on a tree lined residential street, or it could be in a condo with incredible views of the ocean. Regardless of your ideal neighbourhoods characteristics, we are confident that we can help you find your dream home in it.