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Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool in the Summer

Tips August 2, 2019

It’s summer. It’s warm, and you don’t have air conditioning. Or you do, but it’s only in one room of your house. The summertime, while fabulous for being outdoors and soaking up that Vitamin D, can be a pain when it comes to keeping your home cool. How do you enjoy the boiling outdoors while keeping your home cool? Glad you asked, we have the answers.

Cross Breezes Are Your BFF

Standing in the cross hairs is a good idea when it comes to summer winds. Open your window and position a fan directly across from it, creating a cross breeze. The moving air creates a chill effect on your body and can help to remove heat from your home.

Get Down Low

What is the one thing we are taught about heat and fire in kindergarten? Hot air rises. If you can, sleep on the ground floor or better yet, in the basement of your home. Keeping your sleeping quarters on the lower levels (combined with the above cross breeze) means that you can keep the heat down. If your bedroom is on one of the top floors, consider crashing on the couch for one of the really high temperature evenings.

And What About Your PJ Choices?  

Less is more when it comes to pajamas in the summertime. Cotton can help you wick that sweat away so loose cotton pjs is a fantastic choice. For bonus points, wet your sheet before bed or freeze a hot water bottle – the damp sheet can help you feel cool as you fall asleep, and the ‘cold’ water bottle can keep you cool as you relax. There are ongoing debates about whether or not sleeping in the nude is helpful – some say that it prevents the ‘wicking away’ effect. However you choose to sleep, remember that in the heat, less is more.

Turn Off Your Lights

It may seem self explanatory, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it. All light bulbs, no matter how efficient, give off heat. Turning off your lights equals reducing the amount of heat in your home. This applies to all types of light bulbs, including energy efficient ones. The less lights you have on, the less warm your home will be.

Don’t Use The Stove

There are plenty of brilliant BBQ or salad recipes out there that prevent you from having to turn on the stove. Nothing is more frustrating than a stove heated to 400 degrees while you are combating the heat outside. Try a quinoa spinach salad with some apple slices and pan cooked chicken – avoid the oven on the super hot days. Our bodies also metabolize lighter meals in a more efficient manner, meaning eating a lighter meal helps us stay cool as well.

Keep Your Blinds/Curtains Closed

Did you know that up to 30% of the heat in your home comes from your windows? Curtains and shades (or pillows stuffed in the window) can save you money on your electricity bill but also prevent the home from heating up in the summer. Open windows equal the greenhouse effect, making your home much hotter than it should be.

Get Outside

Often, during the evenings, the outside world is cooler than your home that has been heated by the sun all day. By utilizing late night breezes, you can crack open your windows at night and have the temperature cool down significantly. A bonus of outside is the fact that there is often shade to seek solace in.

Whether or not you have air conditioning throughout your home, we hope that these tips and tricks allow you to stay cool throughout the summer months.