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Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent?

Buying a home is a significant investment and can be a daunting task with unexpected surprises. There are many reasons why you need an experienced ally to walk you through this process.

“Caveat Emptor” –  Buyer beware…

Did you know this is the rule at common law?  The onus is on you as the Buyer to research and verify your information and therefore the risk in a real estate transaction falls mainly on your shoulders, not the seller’s.  This is perhaps the most important reason to use an experienced and knowledgeable agent to be your advisor and advocate.  Buyer’s agents are trained and skilled in identifying your risks and helping to mitigate them through diligent and thorough research and extensive market knowledge.

Agency Relationship

The seller’s agent will not and cannot act in your best interests.  The seller’s agent has a client relationship with the seller and therefore has a duty to always act in a way that will benefit the seller.  The exception would be when the agent acts for both parties and then cannot act in the best interests of either party but becomes and impartial mediator. This is usually not an ideal scenario.  Imagine a lawyer as both defence and prosecutor….  You need an agent whose mandate is to be your advocate, work to negotiate you the best deal possible and protect your interests at all times

Network of Professionals

As your buyer’s agent, we protect two of your most valuable assets: time and money.  By quickly honing in on your needs and priorities and using well developed systems to bring you only the properties that meet your needs best, your agent will save you an abundance of time.  No need to spend hours upon hours searching public MLS listings to find that diamond in the rough.  We also have access to exclusive off-market listings through our extensive network of colleagues and clients and will even pursue expired listings and properties for sale by owner to help find you your perfect new home.

We are skilled and fierce negotiators that will get you best price and terms for that perfect property and will help to steer you around all the potential pitfalls that can cause you extra expenses along the way.  Oh yeah… and we are also expertly trained to handle the small mountain of legal paperwork that comes along with every real estate transaction!

Local Knowledge

We spend the majority of our days driving around these neighbourhoods, viewing different houses and strata properties; reading engineer’s reports and strata council minutes; keeping up to date with local zoning and development changes and proposals, recent sales and market statistics; researching the best schools in specific catchments, where the best off leash dog parks are, which neighborhoods are most walkable or have the best transit or even where the best brunch spots are.  We have a variety of clients with a variety of different needs – we are out there every day for them like living data sponges to always be the best possible resource for neighbourhood information that may be important to you.

Network of professionals

Over the years we have developed a strong network of professionals in related industries that we trust to bring our clients good value.  Whether you need a mortgage broker, a lawyer, a home inspector, a contractor, a painter or interior decorator – we’ve got you covered.  We never take kickbacks for referrals.  We win by knowing that you are in good hands and that your needs are being met.

You Are Already Paying the Fee

In the vast majority of cases, the fee for a Buyer’s agent is already built into the transaction.  The seller agrees to pay a certain commission to their agent who then shares a portion of the commission with a cooperating agent that brings the buyer.  You are already paying this fee so why not make sure your rights are protected when buying your biggest and most important asset?


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